About Dr. Welsh

I am a liscensed psychologist in private practice in Cambridge MA. I received my

doctoral and master’s degrees in counseling psychology from the University of Maryland,

and my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Music from Bowdoin College.

Prior to starting my own practice, I was a staff psychologist at Harvard University Health Services. I completed my predoctoral internship at the University of New Hampshire Counseling Center and my postdoctoral fellowship at the Cambridge Eating Disorder Center. I have also completed a certificate in peripartum mental health with Postpartum Support International.

In addition to therapy, I am available for speaking engagements and therapist training. Previous presentation topics include:

- Playfulness and the marital relationship during the transition to parenthood

- Body image and eating disorders in peripartum women

- Managing celiac disease and other dietary restrictions in eating disorders

- Psychological support of Individuals with autoimmnue disorders

- Relationships in individuals with chronic health concerns

Please email me if you are interested in setting up a talk for your organization.