Individuals contact me for a variety of reasons. Some typical concerns include:

  • Times of transition (becoming a parent, marriage, divorce, college, entering a new job, etc.)
  • Managing stress
  • Career counseling
  • Academic or dissertation support
  • Pregnancy and parenting concerns
  • Health concerns (living with chronic illness, supporting loved ones with illness or allergy concerns)
  • Building self-esteem/self-acceptance
  • Building stronger coping skills
  • Improving relationships and communication
  • Managing the symptoms of anxiety or depression
  • Recovering from an eating disorder and/or developing a healthy relationship with food

I offer both short-term counseling and long-term psychotherapy with adolescents and

adults, and in our first session we can begin an ongoing conversation about the type of

services that fit your needs.

Typically, short-term counseling involves between 3-8 sessions, and might address

areas such as career or academic concerns, stress management, or life transitions (e.g.

marriage, parenting, adjusting to college/work, loss, health concerns, etc.). In addition,

we will often discuss possible next steps such as work on your own, group therapy or

ongoing longer term work with me or another clinician who might feel like a better match

for your needs.

Longer-term psychotherapy is often more varied in terms of frequency of sessions and

duration of the work, depending on your needs. It might grow out of the the work you began in short term counseling, or we might anticipate longer term work from the beginning. Concerns around self-esteem, eating disorders, relationship issues, anxiety or depression, or a desire for self-exploration and a deeper understanding of yourself often involve this more open-ended time frame.

In addition, I can offer online/phone therapy for added support.